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Name:秦 の こころ | Hata no Kokoro
Birthdate:Jan 12

The Expressive Poker Face

Hata no Kokoro

Species: Menreiki
Ability: Ability to manipulate emotion

A youkai created, after a long time had passed, from the masks used
by the father of Sarugaku performance, Hata no Kawakatsu.
Each mask displays an emotion, and putting a given mask on will change one's emotions.
Those emotions have an influence on those around the wearer, as well.

She has sixty-six masks in all.

Each and every mask has an emotion assigned to it, but since there are quite a few of them,
she usually only uses the masks for the four emotions of joy, anger, pathos, and humor.

Because her story is discussed in detail in-game this time, not all of it will be discussed here,
but the incident began with her "Mask of Hope" being lost.
The reason why it was lost is unknown (probably just an accident), but its influence
is what produced the sudden rioting.

Originally, she stabilized herself by having each emotion hold their balance with each other,
but losing just one mask caused her emotions' original powers to interfere with each other, and she went berserk.

In fact, when she's stabilized, she hardly lets any emotions show. She shows interest in nothing,
and aside from when her masks are required, she just quietly acts as a tsukumogami.
Because of that, there are some people who say that when she goes berserk, she seems more human-like.
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